Thank you for considering a contribution to Redwood Audio!  


We gladly consider contributions of all kinds.  The Redwood Audio team operates project to project and is always happy to grow, share, collaborate and promote work that shares our vision and standards.        


As we continue to grow, we can always use your old (preferably vintage) music equipment, instruments and parts in most any shape, tools (for wood/leather working, hand tools, power tools, electronic/soldering, DSP development boards, etc.),  and some kinds of hardwood scraps/trimmings.  To contribute material goods, please use our contact form to send a short note and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


We are also happy to accept contributions of time,  collaboration on projects, translating articles you found useful into your native language, sharing your own tips and tutorials that need an online home, etc.  In the near future we will also be looking for beta testers to try out early previews of audio software.  For this you can always contact us, or consider joining our Quality Assurance Co-Op!    


 We also accept direct monetary contributions to help fund our work on the research and development of DIY tutorials, articles and our many active projects.  We are committed to remaining advertisement and obligation free, so it is by your generosity that we are able to continue hosting and expand our public offerings.  Redwood Audio Project Fund donations are made through our PayPal portal (offsite) with a PayPal account or credit card at the following link:



Please note that we are not a charity and cannot offer tax deductions, but we are also not a profit center.  As a result, we consider donations to be more like no obligation tips for our existing services.  All funds are 100% reinvested into non-profit Redwood Audio projects (meaning not directly towards materials of for-sale items).  Primarily our webhosting fees, tutorial materials etc...  However, if you would like your donation utilized in a particular way or passed on to a particular member (say for the translator of a page) - please specify in the donation note and we will comply 100% with your wishes or refund your donation.  


We encourage you to  contact us with any comments, questions, suggestions or requests for things you would like to see more of from us.  We will strive to answer them as best we can.  If we have been of service, we would greatly appreciate you considering one of the donation options above.  







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